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Painting & Decorating

Residential /Comercial Interior Painting

Polish Painters are an experts in exterior/interior painting and decorating. Our portfolio includes small and large projects for commercial and residential clients. We work in high-end private properties, apartments, healthcare centres, creches, schools, hotels and offices, shopping malls, restaurant and  warehouses. Our team of professional painters and decorators deliver a high quality finish, on-time and to the budget. 

Our painting and decorating service includes: Protection to floors and furniture, dustless sanding, correction of any and all cracks and holes before decorating, plastering, internal painting, external painting, doors, windows frame restoration, kitchen cabinet and furniture re-finishing, sprayed finishes and decorative finishes.

Exterior Painting  and Decorating

We provide exterior painting services for residential and commercial properties .

The difference between painting the inside of a property and the outside of a property is that the outside is exposed to a constantly changing weather cycle.

For example when our Quotation Manager sees bare wood, exposed deep cracks through the paint, he knows that the weather has already affected the wood, making it less resilient to the changes in temperature and moisture.All is not lost !

How do we salvage such situations?..We use a tough filler and exterior decorator paint to bring the surface back to its best possible condition. However, that said if the wood has been exposed to the elements and moisture it goes without saying it’s not going to last as long as wood that has been treated and maintained since installation.


Our team will strip and prepare walls and ceilings, then apply the wallpaper.